• Our values

    Our company is based on two mainstays: the family basis and the continue innovation that able us to increase the attention of the customers’ needs and permit us to reply to the requests of a changing International market. Cooperating with us you will find the faces and the care of many people together with the ability to manage your requests in highly specialized manner.

  • Mission

    Our mission is our assurance: we offer products strictly “made in Italy “ in their realization and design, promoting and renewing the Verona area tradition classic style furniture. Our furniture narrate the history of our experience, but at the same time, they include the nowadays spirit.

  • La nostra produzione

    We are always following the items from their production to the packing and shipping. The care and the transparency in materials use is what make us different. Our products are mainly made of oak and toulipier woods which offer a big resistance in time together with solidity and aesthetic potentiality. After being carefully smoothed, each furniture is completely hand polished, using nitro and catalyzed varnishes, sprayed 3 / 4 times.

  • Collections

    In our web site you will find just some examples of our production which goes from the small fittings furniture to the complete spaces. Enjoy yourselves to see our images and please get in touch with us for any information.

  • Vision and tasks

    Having a branched network of partners in Europe ( Germany, Scandinavian countries, Swiss ) and in Far East (Japan, South Korea), we would like to reach new business areas. We are looking for collaborations that allow us to spread the value of “ made in Italy” inside new foreign market.